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Scrummi Spa biodegradable towelling is made up of a collection of products designed to be used in harmony with your current treatment setup. Our collection of Spa Sheets, Towelling, Couch protectors and Headbands can drastically reduce your spa overheads, increase productivity, hygiene levels and help towards meeting your sustainability goals.

By using our spa sheets and sustainable towels on your couch in conjunction with your cotton products you can dramatically cut down on your spa laundry. Our Spa sheets provide a very soft, luxurious layer between your towelling and your clients. These sheets can be disposed of safe in the knowledge that they will biodegrade in just 8-12 weeks.

Cutting down on your laundry means that you're saving on electricity bills, reducing your carbon emissions and reducing your contaminated water waste.

It is our dream to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the Spa industry on our environment. Europe has over 32,000 registered Spas, each of them washing at least 350 litres of chemically contaminated water into the earth's oceans every week! This amounts to over half a billion litres a year.

On top of this the Spa & Beauty industry is a notorious contributor to swathes of plastic waste from shampoo bottles, makeups and plastic wrappings. Laundering robes, towels and other towelling products also uses vast amounts of energy as is responsible for the release of millions of tonnes of CO2 into our earth's atmosphere.

Scrummi Spa tackles all of these problems head on, speak to us now for support on how you can reduce your spa bills and drastically reduce your impact on our environment.

Scrummi Spa products are used by some of Europe's leading Spa & Beauty brands

We manufacture all of our own towelling in the EU

Our supply chain is accredited to the highest environmental and quality standards including ISO:14001 and European Eco Flower.

Our Mission: Be the driving force in reducing the environmental impact of the Hair & Beauty industries by delivering luxurious, smart and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional textiles.

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