Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheets win Ecology & Sustainability Award

Posted on 15th March 2019
Wellness Award Winners

Scrummi Spa are super excited to announce that our new product the Wrap Sheets have just been awarded a Wellness & Spa Innovation Award! The Wrap sheets took the Ecology and Sustainability Award at the ceremony held in Dusseldorf, Germany last weekend.

The judges commented:

“Convincingly natural and sustainable, 100% plastic-free. Moreover, a much more comfortable sensation for the skin and equally functional as conventional wrapping sheets. This innovative product shows the spa industry the way to limit the flood of plastic waste.”

The Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheet offers a softer, more luxurious and 100% Biodegradable alternative to Mylar Wrap Foils and Polyethylene wrap sheets which are very harmful to the environment as neither will break down or degrade. Mylar wraps in particular aren’t recyclable.

The Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheets are perfect for massages and body treatments such as Scrubs, Exfoliation and Mud treatments, when wrapped around your client they will help retain the warmth and feel extremely comfortable.

They can be disposed of safe in the knowledge that they will biodegrade within 8-12 weeks.

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